You are. Yes, you really are. I cannot recall a single person that has sat for me that has felt that they are beautiful, yet every single one has been. Don’t tell me you’re not attractive enough because I don’t believe you. Amber was one of those that felt she wasn’t attractive enough to do a boudoir shoot. She did something though that many people don’t do. She got together with a friend and took the opportunity to see if she was wrong. She got the train down from NY with Cheryl (click here to see Cheryl’s story) and joined us at the downtown hotel for the shoot.

This is what Amber had to say after her shoot.

“I have wanted to do boudoir photos for several years but I was uncomfortable being in front of the camera. My experience with you far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. I honestly did not have the slightest idea how very different I would be when my shoot was over and I had seen myself from your side of the camera.You made me so comfortable, even though I was nervous. It was so much fun. When I saw my photos I was completely taken aback. The first image of me appeared, and it was breathtaking. I was absolutely beautiful. I cannot say enough times how amazing I felt, and even more about how the photos made me look. Every person should experience this at least once in their life. I am honored to be a part of Boudoir Philly.“ ~Amber

And she is breathtaking. She is a beautiful woman and now she believes it. But Amber’s own view of herself was not the only concern. Her boyfriend also had questions. After all his girlfriend was traveling another city to go to a hotel and have intimate portraits done by a photographer that he had never met. I would be concerned too. That is why I always encourage you to bring a friend, someone that you are comfortable with, someone you trust.

Escorts are encouraged as because they help you relax and when you relax amazing things happen. You allow yourself to let the true you come out. Being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation isn’t always easy but my team and I do our best to build your confidence, to help you have fun and truly enjoy the experience. There is something empowering about facing a fear and coming out on the other side shining and Amber was not only shining, she was glowing!

What you don’t believe me? Well then take a look for yourself. I think she is absolutely beautiful.