The last person of the three from the marathon shoot in Philly was Alyson. Alyson is not my typical client in that she is a performer, an actress. This is a woman who bares her soul to an audience on a regular basis. Acting in front of a crowd is not foreign to her, but that doesn’t mean baring herself to a camera is easy. It’s just different, and it can be somewhat intimidating.

Although she is comfortable in situations that make many of us cringe in fear, Alyson was still not as comfortable in front of the camera as she is on stage. On stage she can put on a mask or a persona that is not Alyson but is one of her characters. The craziness of backstage isn’t the same as the madness of a photoshoot and it is my goal to make sure that my clients never feel the madness, even if they may be used to it. My goal is to make the experience exciting and relaxing at the same time.

Alyson took to the shoot and being a model for a day very well. She got alone with the others like they were old friends. It seemed like she was having fun from the moment she arrived. Even so, getting in front of a camera can be different that getting in front of a crowd.

“I had such a great time at my Boudoir Philly photo shoot! Everyone on the team made me feel at ease & beautiful- pampered like I was at a private salon. The whole day was like I was hanging out with my girlfriends. I felt celebrated like I’d done something amazing and this was my reward. Michael Albany made me totally comfortable in front of the camera. He created a space where I felt safe and encouraged to let my inner beauty shine through. I now have not only some wonderfully beautiful images (including my FAVORITE picture of myself), but also a memory of an open, welcoming & fun experience. I want to do it again!“ ~Alyson

I am grateful that I got to shoot with alyson that day. She is a great person with an energy that brings that something extra to any situation. Alyson did this even though she hadn’t met Cheryl or Amber before that day and she barely knew me. I always want my clients to feel safe and relax. After all it is about having fun and enjoying yourself.

In her statement above Alyson she felt celebrated like she did something amazing, she did do something amazing. She was herself.