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A Fun Experience

The last person of the three from the marathon shoot in Philly was Alyson. Alyson is not my typical client in that she is a performer, an actress. This is a woman who bares her soul to an audience on a regular basis. Acting in front of a crowd is not foreign to her, but that […]

Absolutely Beautiful

You are. Yes, you really are. I cannot recall a single person that has sat for me that has felt that they are beautiful, yet every single one has been. Don’t tell me you’re not attractive enough because I don’t believe you. Amber was one of those that felt she wasn’t attractive enough to do […]

Why I shoot Boudoir

When talking to people about what I do for a living people will say, “You have a great job! You get to work with beautiful women all the time.” Yes, I do have a fantastic job, and yes I work with beautiful women, but not in the way most people think.  The women I work with are your […]